Charlie’s Boogie…now available! Click here to pickup a copy.

Check out a video for ‘The Supermoon Rag’ from the new album (Warning: extremely high cuteness factor)

Charlie’s Boogie blows you back in your chair in amazement as you wonder how on earth they did that.” (

“Duane Andrews is a jazz guitar extraordinaire, famous for his devotion to the style of jazz legend Django Reinhardt. Craig Young is one of the best country pickers you’ll hear anywhere. Put them together in a studio, and you’ll get magic.” (The Performance Hour – CBC Radio)

Craig Young and Duane Andrews will take you from the traditional music of Newfoundland and Labrador, down through the Appalachian mountains into the land of bluegrass and country music and across the ocean to French cabarets filled with gypsy and swing music. These two consummate guitar players complement their enchanting guitar styles with an occasional song from Craig’s rich repertoire.